Saturday, January 8, 2011


It actually feels like a new year, a clean slate. When personal changes occur in life, they often reflect upon your outward appearance. I'm all applied to college, single & officially ready to mingle, and enjoying the last half of my senior year. Same old same old isn't working for me anymore. And not to mention, a full head of blonde highlights every couple months is real expensive. I've seen this trend on various celebrities and it looks mad cute. But I think I'm ready to try it out for myself...

Ombre hair is the gradual fading of dark roots to lighter tips. While I hate to admit that my formerly white-blonde hair is turning a shade of dirty dishwater blonde, I might as well embrace it instead of covering it up. I like Whitney's style, with most of her locks blonde and only a few inches of her roots brown. This technique allows up to 6 months of hiatus from the salon chair. And when your usual haircut & highlight jobs are $150, the only maintenance needed are regular trims, which are cheap.

To be honest, highlights don't last long, especially when your hair grows fast like mine. I got new highlights the beginning of December, and already I have half an inch of dirty blonde roots- ewwww. I can't wait to get this done! I'm ready for something new, fresh & easy to manage. Along with everything else in my life, like dating. :)

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  1. i love her hairstyle ^^ and oh the ombre technis sounds cool ^^

  2. It looks very natural - and beautiful.

  3. I love ombre hair! I have just plain brown waves (toward to side of curls) but I've been feeling the same inclination towards change lately. Post if you go for it!

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