Wednesday, March 2, 2011

what i want now (warning: this entire post is blue)

Sparkly shorts from J. Crew! Pretty much, anything from J. Crew this season, and all the drapey tops at Gap.

Not sure if I'll be able to attend my arts school's prom in April (I may be leaving for London that evening), but for my home high school's prom, I'm feeling long, drapey, and blue. I'm in love with the Emilio Pucci Blake Lively wore, but the Rachel Palley dress (sorry for the shitty photo) is simple emough to glam up.

I want a cute pair of shoes for spring that aren't fancy flats but aren't casual sneakers. I want these turquoise Sperry boat shoes to go with my little sundresses, skirts, and jeans.
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Sunday, February 13, 2011

winter blahs

while i've been really busy with dance related things, i'm trying to make time for my hobbies & potential second career: fashion. i'm not down with these mountains of snow everywhere, so tall i can't see if any cars are coming around the corner when i drive. and i'm also not down with little sundresses and chunky wedges showcased in magazines & stores when it's freezing outside. there's no use in spring shopping or even fantasizing until the weather actually warms up. being cooped up inside allows me to overeat, cater to my already-bad caffeine addiction, and do not much else. that fucking groundhog better be right about 6 more weeks of this shit.
that said, these are three very random photos. first, miraslava duma is the cutest fashion editor ever. after seeing this photo, the only "pant suit" i will ever wear is one that is tailored exactly like hers. second, i love blake lively and serena on gg equally. i hate this time of winter- static-y hair, freezing temps, and exhaustion. dark colors, lots of warm comfy layers, and topknots sound good to me lately. third, rachel bilson will forever be an inspiration to me. she always looks so comfortable & stylish simultaneously. i'm lusting after her wedges for spring... as well as bare shoulders, crisp whites, and denim cutoffs.
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

dreaming of spring

This is only the first post of much much more inspiration to come.
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

pretty in pink

The look from Derek Lam's spring/summer 2011 collection caught my eye just about 5 minutes ago. I've always had a mini obsession with pink eyeshadow, because it brightens lighter eyes and is a feminine alternative to pink lips and cheeks. I love this specific look, because it's not a eyeful of pink, just a thick line on the upper lid. And the rest of the face is muted, highlighted with luminizer, a touch of blush, and matte nude lips. For the eyes, makeup artist Tom Pecheux used a coral-orange lip pencil and lipstick over beige eyeshadow. I would try this look at a party or a concert where it pays to stand out. If you don't think you're going to use the coral makeup every again, go cheap and just buy a coral or hot pink eyeliner that will go on smoother.
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Saturday, January 8, 2011


It actually feels like a new year, a clean slate. When personal changes occur in life, they often reflect upon your outward appearance. I'm all applied to college, single & officially ready to mingle, and enjoying the last half of my senior year. Same old same old isn't working for me anymore. And not to mention, a full head of blonde highlights every couple months is real expensive. I've seen this trend on various celebrities and it looks mad cute. But I think I'm ready to try it out for myself...

Ombre hair is the gradual fading of dark roots to lighter tips. While I hate to admit that my formerly white-blonde hair is turning a shade of dirty dishwater blonde, I might as well embrace it instead of covering it up. I like Whitney's style, with most of her locks blonde and only a few inches of her roots brown. This technique allows up to 6 months of hiatus from the salon chair. And when your usual haircut & highlight jobs are $150, the only maintenance needed are regular trims, which are cheap.

To be honest, highlights don't last long, especially when your hair grows fast like mine. I got new highlights the beginning of December, and already I have half an inch of dirty blonde roots- ewwww. I can't wait to get this done! I'm ready for something new, fresh & easy to manage. Along with everything else in my life, like dating. :)

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